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How to clean

Cleaning steps 

For soft glue

After using your product several times it may come to the time to clean, this can be easily and quickly done following these steps:

  1. Start off by getting a damp towel a gently blotting the glue with either warm water or alcohol ( substances such as hand sanitiser gels also work) covering the entire surface area.
  2. For a more effective clean get a sharp object (e.g. a knife) and carefully graze around the whole surface of the glue exposing the next layer.
  3. You should then wrap the glue up in a dry towel/cloth and gently scrub until dry, make sure that your glue is damp but not wet when you're doing this.
  4. Leave the soft glue on a solid surface for 12-24hrs to dry
  5. Obviously there is a risk the effectiveness of our product could be decreased after a clean. If this is the case and our product no longer performs to our set standards and you are unhappy with how it is performing after the clean you can contact us by clicking here and we will send you out a free replacement !


We hope these steps help, for any confusion or trouble please do not hesitate to contact us are we will try our best to come up with a solution