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Interior Soft glue dust remover
Interior Soft glue dust remover
Interior Soft glue dust remover
Interior Soft glue dust remover
Interior Soft glue dust remover

Interior Soft glue dust remover

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Cleaning your car can be a draining and time consuming task, and therefore is usually left to build up with dust and dirt. Inevitably this always comes back to embarrass you at the time you need it least ! 

What is soft glue ?

- A type of glue specialised in short and quick applications

- Has the ability to stay sticky after long periods of usage 

- Is strong enough to capture all dust and dirt particles, however not strong enough to leave any marks or scratches 

- Can be stored and kept for months without loosing its adhesiveness
- The future of cleaning equipment 
- Doesn't leave residue 
- Can be cleaned - detailed steps on how to do this can be found under the how to clean section of our website 

Why choose the dust remover ?

Fed up scrubbing the same marks ?

Fed up of feeling dirty when in your car ?

Fed up of spending hours cleaning ?

Fed up being tangled in vacuum wires ?

Why deal with these problems when you don't have to. Our dust capture adds a completely new twist to cleaning, not only will it collect every single dust particle in sight making cleaning satisfying but it will take a fraction of the time any regular cleaning product would.

Our exclusive product integrates the newest soft glue technology with normal day to day chores making them not only more efficient but more fun. Soft glue is fully biodegradable, anti-toxic and chemical resistant making it safe for all users.


☑️ Semi-liquid material, easily slides into rugged surfaces or narrow cracks.

☑️ Can be recycled several times without cleaning, 

☑️ Can be cleaned, to find out more information on the cleaning process click here or visit the how to clean section on the menu.

☑️ Leaves a slight fragrance in its wake freshening up the surrounding area                 

☑️ Takes seconds to clear dust and dirt particles 

☑️ Leaves no marks or scratches 

☑️ will stay sticky for months if kept in its box due to the soft glue adhesive


Say goodbye to dust !

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Money back guarantee 

If you're unhappy with your products performance after the first clean contact us via our contact us page, and we will offer you a full refund or exchange. No questions asked ! 

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It all starts with a cleaner environment